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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European Union (EU) data protection law which replaces the current Data Protection Directive beginning on May 25, 2018. By giving your consent, you agree that Vertoz may collect, compile, keep and process your personal data to provide you with marketing communications.

The GDPR applies to the collection, use and disclosure of “personal data” from the EEA. GDPR defines Personal data as, (including) all data relating to an identified or identifiable individual, which includes personally identifiable information like names, phone numbers, etc. (which Vertoz does not currently process through the Platform), in addition to device-related identifiers like cookie IDs, unique device IDs and IP addresses (which the GDPR describes as “pseudonymous” forms of personal data, and which Vertoz does collect from end users who interact with publisher websites and other digital media properties that use Vertoz’s technology)

The following points specify some of the purpose for which your personal data might be processed:

  • To know, understand and infer your preferences and interests in the various products and services.
  • To filter impressions for RTB auctions with third-party buyers to enhance monetization and prevention of fraud.
  • Creation of groups with like minded, similar preference individuals.
  • Target relevant marketing communications based on the user’s behavior.
  • Write and/or read cookies and other tracking elements on end user devices when Vertoz gets any request from a publisher’s browser or application.
  • Analyzing and tracking data (across the online platform) related to delivery of ads, placement, performance and reach metrics. Tracking the number of ads served on a device on a daily basis for the purpose of logging, reporting and billing.
  • Enhance your personal information with data which we may receive from other parties.
  • Send across information about our Organization’s products, services, announcements and engagement in various events.
  • Provide information about the latest trends, news and other articles.
  • Share information regarding potential business opportunities for you.
  • Send invitations for special functions like educational, training, recreations events etc.
  • Attribute your response to specific marketing campaigns and activities.
  • Send informational resources like webinars, reports and videos.
  • Share your stored data with other people.

Personal data may include your Name, Name of the Company, Designation, Business email address, Business phone number, Location and address, Cookie ID, Device ID, IP address, Industry segment, Size of the organization and Revenue. Your personal data may also include responses that you may have given to a survey and any comments, queries or other data or information that you submit to Vertoz.

We may retain and process, the data, which may be personal in nature like your personal email, phone number, etc., but you choose to share with us. We may access and process your data if you register for an account with a Vertoz website, mobile app etc. We may share your personal data with our third party partners to provide services, as described above.

To learn more about how we process your personal data, please review our current Privacy Policy. Please note that we may revise the Policy from time to time. Therefore, you should review the Policy periodically so that you are up-to-date on our most current policies and practices. You may also request information by sending an email to gdpr@vertoz.com.

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