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Fix the woes of intrusive ads and banner blindness


An average internet user is drowned in the deluge of 200 to 500 digital ads everyday. Hardly a few ads are able to make an impact and fulfil their objective. Ashish Shah has addressed this grave problem in his article titled “Are intrusive ads eating advertisers’ money?” published in the Deccan Chronicle. According to him, it is important to curate precise ad campaigns and come up with innovative strategies to address this issue. A relevant ad campaign will thus benefit the users by offering a better experience and will also benefit the advertisers by increasing their ROI, giving a better brand recall and better resource utilisation.


Popular web browsers have declared a war against intrusive ads like pop-ups, pop-unders, and page takeover, by blocking them. In such cases, the ad impressions are charged but ads don’t reach the users. Also, more than 80% of people are blind towards irrelevant and repetitive digital ads.


Ashish says in his article that programmatic advertising is the way to deal with this. With a plethora of targeting options, marketers can precisely target their customers. With more mature and micro-level targeting options at their disposal today, marketers have a huge advantage over traditional ads. But this needs to be channelised properly to get the optimal output. As per Ashish, “Quality over quantity” is the way to go.


Ashish explains in detail how programmatically delivered banner and native ads can solve this problem.

Programmatic advertising mainly uses Real-Time Bidding(RTB) wherein, the advertisers can have precise targeting and pay only for showing ads to the audience relevant to them. As the ads are relevant to the users, they won’t find them intrusive, which in turn will reduce banner blindness.


Native ads are the most non-intrusive ads. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad blends in with the visual design, natural form and function of the site in which it is placed. They look and feel like natural content. They have seen more than 300% more click-through rate CTR) compared to banner ads.


For more such insights read the full article here.


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