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We understand that you might have a slew of questions about our products and services. To make it easier for you, we decided to cover the most common queries right here. We hope you get your answers!


Yes, GEO targeting is very much possible with our DSP platform.

Yes, we have global supply for promoting your brands on mobile.

Yes, we have an option to specify the day and time to run the campaigns as per your requirements. Our platform works on the UTC time zone.

We use services of our 3rd party partners like Lotame for targeting requirements

Yes, this is possible through our pixel and post back URL.

Yes, you can target a specific set of sites where you want to promote your ads. We also have an option of blacklisting the sites where you don’t wish to promote your brand.

We are bound to keep this data confidential due to certain agreements. However, we do have a few case studies which we can share with you after a due approval from the clients.

A dedicated account specialist is assigned to all our advertisers to assist in getting the best ROI for their ad spends. We suggest and recommend appropriate optimization strategies.

Our primary bidding model is purely CPM. We can work on a CPC model in certain cases. Contact your AM for the same.

We have individual advertiser accounts and can offer agency accounts as well

Yes, we do. We also optimise the performance campaigns through our supply and account managers.

Yes, we do.

You can view and export campaign performance reports in real-time on the advertiser dashboard.

We use various creative audit tools such as GeoEdge and TMT to keep a check on brand safety.

For this, we have our in-house mechanism and we have partnered with IAS and FraudLogix for bot-free traffic.

This varies depending on a number of factors. It generally takes around 15-20 minutes for a campaign to go live.

To add funds, all you have to do is login to your Vertoz advertiser account. Go to > Accounting section > Add Credit. You can select from the various payment modes available.

Yes, it is a self-serve platform with constant assistance from your dedicated account specialist for getting the best out of your advertising spends.

We do provide this, but only to those clients who have had a long relationship with us or have some history of doing business with us. This is subject to credit references.

Yes, it is possible to do this.

Yes, this is very much possible.

This is very much possible using our DCO which helps to retarget the audience. We can manage retargeting the audience who click on your ads through our pixels and macros.

Bidding is won on second-price basis.

Yes. But this is possible only once we start the campaign. We can check your reports for the sites which perform the best for you. We can drill these sites from your reports or media planning and set the targeting to them.

This depends on the targeting set by the advertisers. If the targeting isn’t too niche, we’re able to see the traction within 30-45 minutes of a campaign going live.

We have direct supply from premium publishers which are connected to you through our platform. We are also connected with other premium supply partners like Rubicon+Pubmatic via BidSwitch, Google Adx, Brightcom, SMRTB, Cheetah Mobile, AOL, Smaato and many more.

We have various payment modes like PayPal, Payzeey (Credit Card) & Wire Transfer

The CTRs depend on several factors such as the ad location ATF (above-the-fold) & BTF (below-the-fold).

While we don’t have a refund policy, under exceptional scenarios if none of the KPIs of an advertiser are met, we can refund the amount after a deduction of 10% bank charges.

The average CPM for an Indian display campaign is around $0.15-$1.5, depending on the source of traffic.

We do not charge you anything for using our DSP platform. We only charge you for the traffic we send to you on your campaigns. We take a commission not from you, but from our supply partners.

A video file of 10 MB or below will run successfully.

One can run campaigns like Display, Mobile (web & app), Video, Native and IBV.

Image creative, JS tags, iFrame tags, VAST tags etc. are allowed

We provide you various types of real-time reports to help you gauge the profitability of your ad campaigns. These reports include parameters like the number of impressions served, clicks received, your CTRs, CPMs, and ad spends.

We have a plethora of targeting options. We offer niche targeting options ranging from geotargeting, demographic, OS and OS version, browser and browser version, device targeting, carrier targeting, category targeting right upto IP targeting. You can speak to your dedicated AM for a platform demo.

Vertoz is a self-serve platform which empowers all the advertisers to manage their campaign targeting and optimise the campaigns in real-time with the help of our expert account managers.

Display, Mobile (web & app), Video, Native, IBV.

We only support digital media

Our primary bidding model is CPM.

We accept payments only in USD as of now.

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If you still have any queries, please feel free to drop us a mail at support@vertoz.com

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