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Engagement ads: An incredible game-changing aspect

The engagement ads are the new buzz word in the advertising industry. The main motive of these engagements ads is to deliver interactive and innovative ads for users to engage with the brand. Vertoz being a leading programmatic company identifies that branding is one of the key marketing objective and one should enhance its marketing strategies persuading towards the engagement. If there is no brand engagement, there will be no brand recall; and any such online branding activity is a letdown for the product.


Plethora of popular engagement ads formats


Advertisers can advertise across all devices flawlessly and hassle free with our high impact ads. Enhance customer experience and generate the highest ROI out of your campaign spends. Advertiser can escalate user engagement through custom, high-impact ads for interactive brand experiences.
The more attractive and innovative your advertisement, the more chances it has of being viewed by the audience. We provide you with header kick, margin ads, footer banner, slide floater, timed overlay, interstitial, interactive footer, two part, and out-stream banner ads. Build a name, engage with them and show them what they like. Select from our wide range of innovative ad formats and engage with your audience.


Programmatic is carving a niche for engagement ads


So, why do you think that programmatic has become so vital with engagement ads? Customers are sharing more content than ever before, with billions of sharing data points across various digital channels. This is where programmatic boost out, i.e. processing this information to target ingeniously must be intelligently automated.
Earlier, these ad formats where sold with the direct-buy method or reservation method. This type of media buying does not guarantee that your ad will reach the right audience. With the help of new engagement ad formats intermingled with programmatic, it’s an opportunity to better target customers and prospects in a timely and relevant way, at scale. These new ad formats enable them to engage with customers effectively with the right products and services when they might be considering a purchase, increasing visibility, engagement and ROI.


Reap the benefits of brand recall with engagement ads


Engagement ads are very like display ads but are more interactive. Brand awareness optimization is curated to help the advertisers. Customers are becoming banner blind and even after clicking on the ad there are chances that customers will forget which ad they clicked. We have found that the longer someone spends with an ad, the more likely they are to remember what they have seen.
The engagement ads are cross device compatible and ensure a reliable user experience. This is a significant step up for better user engagement with the brands in a multitude of ways. Budding customers get the same user experience irrespective of whether they are on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.


Effortlessly launch your product and create brand awareness with engagement ads


Engagement ads can help brands to showcase features of their new product. For example, a 360-degree view of a car model can fascinate and draw customer’s attention, this can generate more awareness about the product. Engagement ads provide a more accurate indication of brand strength and it helps viewers directly interact with your brand. It’s always easy for a well-known brand to gather a huge amount of traffic & brand recall. Through new engagement ads, you can quickly get the attentions from the users across the world even if your brand is not known much.
Generating brand awareness has been one of Vertoz’s strengths since the beginning. Once the ad appears users can interact with your product in a variety of unique ways. Interactions can range from watching a video, to playing games, or viewing a product catalog. With new range of engagements ads, the user is encouraged to interact with the ad unit through while playing a game or just browsing through an e-commerce site.


With the help of programmatic your ad spends is reduced


Engagement ads with programmatic allow you to take your brand building strategy and link it with the most powerful ad-exchanges. All these new generation ads are shown to users who are most likely to interact with your brand. Never blast your ads to everyone, as an alternative, go for interactive engagement ads formats for your brand that can be built in a methodical, more targeted way.
Subsequently, advertisers are only charged when an engagement takes place, true-cost accountability over digital branding efforts. Nowadays, marketers value engagement because its existence indicates that a campaign has connected in some way with the target and potential audience.
This phenomenon is mainly because of better ROI and audience attention. As spending on online advertising rises and takes a bigger slice of the display ad pie, marketers must be confident that they are spending wisely.