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Emerging Ad networks trends of 2016!


The new dawn of digital marketing and the rise of social media use have changed the landscape of the ad network industry. Unforgettable and consistent branding, creative content creation and knowing and being considerate about your target audience are still on the priority marketing strategies practiced by many companies. The social media marketing tactics, content creation, and digital marketing automation will achieve all new heights of skills, concepts and technologies in the year 2016 that we need to understand and learn.

The new trend in content marketing – “Episodic Content”
Whether your blogging or posting an article online, branding always starts out with content marketing! The term episodic content means content broken into chapters that progress along a plotline with a beginning, middle, and the end. As the brand initiates to build spare content and analyze the incoming data, clear patterns appear and there are chances to expand upon ideas and themes. Classy content marketers see these ideas as trends to be discovered in the year 2016 and will get involved in more businesses associating with great narrators to focus on episodic content.

Whole new trends of video marketing in 2016
There is an immense amount of hard work involved to create and launch an eBook or content for video posting, and once that piece has served its purpose, it’s on to the next big step. 2016 is the year that digital video is augmenting beyond just YouTube platform, i.e. advertisers, creators and audiences are going to have innumerable options to generate and ingest content. While YouTube dominated digital video era till 2015, it’s no longer the only viable option or the big player in this industry. Consumption of content has already fractured dramatically. Every major social network is selecting video marketing strategies and will continue to do so. Driven by consumer momentum, we as part of this industry expect the mobile video to dominate the video conversation in the year 2016.

The new digital marketing strategies of 2016
The year 2016 is around the corner, and will be upon us before we know it. The demanding and hectic world of digital marketing continuously has its eyes on and interested to see what the latest new tool will be! Or what exciting new expansions some of the big names in digital marketing have in store. All new digital portals will definitely take mobile marketing to the next level. Digital marketing will help marketers create an interactive experience for their customers by customized alerts about discounts, offers, and deals which in turn will help them with loyal customers.

It is an uprising, not a development and an unawareness is not bliss but a road to annihilation. Who thought a simple mobile app would abolish the taxi industry or Computer Company would interrupt the music business. Today the costs are plunging as technology has enhanced. We need to be more alert, agile and devoted to a lifetime of knowledge and innovation.