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Elevate Your Digital Advertising Strategy to Meet Customers’ Need

Digital advertising is a multifaceted process; the idea is to build a creative concept that connects with the potential buyers. Advertising should be creative while staying grounded in the real world. As it is a paid medium, so it must deliver measurable results. Reaching out and getting your advertising noticed by the right audience can be a brawl. Using our expertise in the field, we have shared our observation and tips to help you leverage your campaign and augment its success rate.

Target and Retarget Search ads

Search advertising campaigns can show you immediate outcomes, however, they often need immediate attention. Keyword based targeting allows advertisers to connect with users based on words and phrases they have recently searched. If you want to earn more and want to prevent over- spending then try to draw out ailing ads, adjust your keyword lists and modify your bid amounts.

Retargeting in search is most of the time not utilized to the fullest but it has very high potential for intent based lead targeting. If someone has searched for the search term previously, advertisers can retarget that person using Google Adword’s Remarketing List for Search Audience (RLSA). Normally customers’ buying process has lifespan of around 1 month to 2 months. In that duration, customer searches multiple times for the product. Remarketing will help advertisers to be in the top spot

The opportunity to present customers with advertisements tailored to their immediate buying interests encourages customers to click on search ads instead of unpaid search results, which are often less relevant. For the online user, paid search ads offer highly relevant search results which are based on the customer’s own queries and, thus, they are considered less intrusive than banner advertisements or pop-ups advertising.

Innovative and Interactive ads

Currently, the digital advertising industry is growing more and we are witnessing the nexus between the online and offline market. They came together to create a more engaging brand experience that encourages customers to spend more time with their brands. More innovative and interactive ads will result in an increasing human element, and deeper relationships emerge between customer and brand.

Through this strategy, it will create a lasting memory for the customer and will generate a legacy for the brand. As technology continues to develop in 2016 we will see an increase in innovative data gathering, which will enable us to look deeper into the vital customer insights, escalating the success of brand activations.

Leverage Social Media

For social media, the only constant thing is change and adapting to that change. Brands must employ core strategies that are adaptable to any social media platform. The coming year is set to see an increase in audience engagement and immersion into brands, rooting from their active social media platforms. Brands and marketing researchers will also start to use social media as an effective tool to measure the success of brand activation. As per the new reports, social media is now topping the Internet activity charts. Users spend an average of 37 minutes daily on social media, a higher time-spend than any other main Internet activity, including email. However, more than 60% of users spent time on social media not on desktop computers but on smartphones and tablets.

Content strategy is must

Your ads must work in an increasingly loud world. Too much of new information and data are being exchanged. The key to standing out is being simple, i.e. this doesn’t mean being easy or instantly admired are being measured as complex. Yet, a good ad must be simple, though not stupid and it must be subjective enough to be reliable and credible. Standardization shapes brand equity and loyalty among all audiences. Inspire your customers by keeping them interested in your brand’s promotions and activities. To maintain your message uniformity, the same team that helps to build the brand should approve the ads.

Complete overview of the market functioning

Aim to have an overview of the average time between first visit and conversion. A total number of paid for clicks per conversion, bounce rate at each stage of the funnel, rate of sales from new customers per channel and frequency of purchases from the same customers etc. These will provide essential insights into your customer’s purchasing behavior.

Advertising has many functions, including selling. However, what exactly should be sold? Often ads place too much prominence on building products, not brands. The result is that too many products have similar brand values. This can generate misperception. To break this cycle, you must ask yourself, what does the advertising want to achieve? Who should be targeted? How can the goal be accomplished?

Make your Advertising Strategies more interesting


Humor and wittiness are powerful; it can help make people like a product. Most ads are rational and present a product’s benefits. But logic is not as powerful as laughter. Humor, which should be based on truth, comes from observing ordinary people. Being contradictory is one way to create humorous situations. Customers want to see more personalization in the messaging and content stream. As a brand, you must be able to show how you relate closer to their needs and motives.

Confident agencies generate good work because they nurture and cultivate creativity even in a savagely competitive and subjective industry. Those characteristics do not normally foster support and co-operation, so dodge them. Seek inspiration from talented people and support their effort ts. Be a team player.

It must be conventional, yet imaginative. Companies are increasingly under financial strain and the outcome is the advertising business is in danger worldwide. Agencies are becoming heavily dependent on their campaigns being led by metric this is annihilating the creativity from today’s campaigns and fewer ads produce the desired result. Thus, new ideas and techniques are required.