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Discover the Secrets to Crafting DOOH Campaigns That Truly Captivate


Advertising has drastically changed over the years, and by drastically changed, we mean evolved. We are no longer restricted to print publication, radio or even television, in terms of advertising. Digital media has opened up a whole new world, where we can reach out to potential consumers, and connect with them on a personal level.

Surely online advertisements have proven to be more of a boon, than a curse, but it does have its set-backs and challenges that need to be dealt with. For example, ads can be skipped or blocked if not advertised properly, which can lead to a drop in ROI.

Advertisers need to be careful and choose channels that will give them maximum output, and one such channel is Digital out-of-home advertising or DOOH. DOOH is a channel which uses digital platforms like digital billboards and screens to deliver content to their relevant audience. It is very similar to out-of-home advertising (OOH), but here technology is used to provide a more personal and interactive experience.

DOOH has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it is predicted to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. This is the perfect channel for advertisers to market their product / service, as it offers 100% visibility and viewership, which isn’t possible online, as ads can be easily blocked there. This doesn’t involve a lot of risk, and also has a strong recall value, making it a great channel for advertisers.

How to craft a successful DOOH campaign?

DOOH has a great reach, but do all the digital ads are assured to deliver great results or have a successful outcome? Absolutely not! There are a lot of methods and tactics that can help you build a strong campaign, some of which are adapted from out-of-home advertising, that fit the dynamic. Let’s explore some secrets that can help you craft DOOH campaigns that are truly captivating.

  • Know your audience

Since it is digital out-of-home advertising, and accessible to everyone, it might seem that you can practically target everyone, but that’s not true. It is crucial to know your relevant audience and your potential consumers. In fact, this is the starting point, where you define who you’re going to advertise the product / service to. Understand their demographics, behaviour, and the problems they’re currently facing. This will help you tailor your content as per their needs.

  • Relevant location is a must

Needless to say, the location where the ads are displayed is the key to grab the attention of its audiences. In simple words, advertise where people are. High footfall areas like shopping arenas and food joints can maximise exposure, which is extremely important. Numerous studies have suggested that time spent at public places have grown in the last few years, making it a perfect time to advertise your product / service.

  • Create engaging and dynamic content

It is the world of digital media, where one consumes a lot of content. It is essential for an ad to stand out, and that can only be possible if it’s engaging, interactive and dynamic. The best advertisements are those that instantly catch your eye and capture your attention. If an ad is relevant and interesting enough for a person, only then is it a two-way communication, which in turn may lead to conversion.

  • Make use of real-time updates

Digital out-of-home advertising allows you to integrate real-time updates, which makes the advertisement even more engaging and relevant. Real time data feeds, like live news, social media updates, or weather change can be incorporated to make the ads look more appealing.

For example, a cafe can advertise different beverages based on weather. If it’s cold, the ads displayed can be of hot chocolate, and when it’s really sunny, it can be changed to an iced coffee.

  • Advanced analytics and measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of DOOH campaigns is crucial for optimising performance. Tracking performance helps with key insights that are vital to understand what is working and what is not. These insights can then be used and optimised for better results.


Crafting DOOH campaigns require a strategic blend of understanding of what works for you as a business and what doesn’t. By incorporating innovative technologies and latest trends, advertisers can create captivating experiences that resonate with viewers and drive meaningful engagement. As the DOOH landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of the digital game and adopting best practices will be key to achieving campaign success.