About Us

Vertoz is a leading programmatic company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetizing solutions. Our Ingenious Plex – a proprietary technology and advanced capabilities empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers all under one roof.

We monetize traffic from all verticals and geographies to earn the best ROI for our customers. Our high flying traits include premium traffic quality, precise targeting, real-time tracking and detailed analytics.

Our experienced Account Specialists and AdOps team outstandingly execute and implement advanced monetizing solutions tailored for each client. Founded in 2012, Vertoz has offices worldwide with its global headquarters in New York, U.S.A.

Our Leaders

Ashish Shah
Founder and CEO

As Vertoz’s Founder & CEO, Ashish is responsible for the leadership and direction of the company. He looks after the day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s product development and technology strategy.

For Ashish, the greatest reward is the daily thrill of working with a team that shares the same core values as him. He equips Vertoz with his profound technical knowledge of the web services industry, keen eye for business, and an unquenchable craving for growth.

Ashish spearheads the company’s strategic vision and growth in providing state-of-the-art services. He is working towards keeping the company steady and setting it on its current path to profitability and success.

Hiren Shah
Founder and Chairman

Hiren Shah is the Founder & Chairman of Vertoz. He is a true marketing and business development visionary with over fifteen years of experience in the web services industry.

He, along with his brother Ashish, carries a wealth of knowledge and expertise in building and motivating high performance teams.

Hiren is responsible for the external matters of Vertoz; building partnerships and broader business relationships, Government outreach and guiding other senior leaders on the business and policy front. His strong experience in developing and implementing strategic plans for the company makes him one of the chief architects behind the success of Vertoz.

Our Team

  • Kishore Naidu

    Kishore M. Naidu

    Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

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  • Raghavendra Argarwala

    Raghavendra Argarwala

    Consulting CTO

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  • Akshay Parolkar

    Akshay Sonar Parolkar

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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  • Gaurav Modi

    Gaurav Modi

    Director – Business Development

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  • Mitchell Jones

    Mitchell Jones

    Director of Sales, US

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  • Tal Farhi

    Tal Farhi

    Director of Sales, US

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  • John Abraham

    John Abraham

    Director of Sales, US

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  • Vivek Iyer

    Vivek Iyer

    Consultant – GTM Strategist

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  • Amit Gandhi

    Amit Gandhi

    Director of Sales, India

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  • Nikhil Kurup

    Nikhil Kurup

    Associate Director, Advertisers

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  • Amarnath N

    Amarnath N.

    Associate Director of Sales

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  • Bhavika Sharma

    Bhavika Sharma

    Head of HR

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