Data Management Platform

The burgeoning asset value and the sheer volumes of data in today’s world of digital advertising and programmatic, sets the stage for new business dynamics.

Large data sets provide valuable insights into a wide range of user attributes. This can be leveraged for predicting outcomes, understanding audiences and breaking down media silos. Today, we are witnessing the dawn of an era of data-centric marketing campaigns focused on audience engagement and one-to-one brand experiences.

At the heart of this data revolution lies Vertoz. We are focused on collecting, managing and activating data to offer you with new business insights.

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Vertoz manages publisher’s first-party data and uses third-party data to provide you with advance audience targeting capabilities

First-Party Data

First-party data refers to the brand or agency’s own data that they have collected from their own consumers and brand advocates. This can include data from a website, CRM, social, search, display, analytics, or any other source of owned data.


Third-Party Data

Third-party data is generated on external platforms like DMPs. The DMPs directly provide access to a range of third-party data providers and pre-packaged data segments.

Clients can leverage this data in order to get audience extension. Through this data, our clients can strengthen their audience reach. Vertoz’s DMP captures the precise user attributes exhibited across the wider internet. This makes way for a holistic view of the client’s target audience.

Vertoz allows a complete access to its first-party data collected through various campaigns. This can be accessed by advertisers to target the users most relevant to their brand. This helps marketers to realize their ad campaign goals. Vertoz partners with some of the leading DMPs to provide extensive bucketing of audiences.

Data Management Platform

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