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Countering the Industry-wide challenge of digital ad frauds


Digital advertising has an array of unique benefits like measurable and trackable performance indicators, precise targeting, and the ability to provide extremely personalized customer experiences. It has enabled advertisers to do things that they could only dream of earlier. However, ad frauds have been causing a great mayhem in the digital advertising industry since quite a while. Unfortunately, this continues till today. That’s the down side.
In his recent interaction with Indian Television, Ashish Shah talks about this challenge of digital advertising industry and how to prevent this. Frauds like Hyphbot and Methbot have made headlines and this has caused a lot of loss to the advertisers, going into millions. Ashish says that this is a not so easy, as with the evolving tech, fraudsters are getting smarter and getting more savvier. In order to tackle them, one needs to be not just constantly update with the latest tech, but needs to be one step ahead of the curve.
Ashish lists a few common types of frauds and throws light upon the measures advertisers can take to handle them better. Frauds like bot traffic or NHT (Non-Human Traffic), Click Farms, Sourced Traffic, Domain Spoofing, and Ad Injection are pretty common. In order to prevent them, one first needs to understand their objectives and the way these frauds are perpetrated.
In order to answer this question, advertisers should start with partnering with the right programmatic platform. A platform which has fraud detection and prevention mechanisms in place and is a member of industry watchdogs like IAMAI, TAG and IAB are a good place to begin. Along with this, measuring the right goals instead of only measuring the clicks is recommended. Further, advertisers should also work with only such publishers who have implemented ads.txt. Having such preventive measures is always better. Afterall, prevention is better than cure.
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