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How well the concept of Targeting & Retargeting can be merged?


If a couple walks into a car showroom, there’s a rational chance that they are interested in buying a brand new car of their choice. So they have already analyzed its features and targeted that particular car model for further proceedings. Even as a car manufacturer, a company is fully aware of its car’s specification, right? So, what if you could tell your content to those customers representing an active interest in the area of your products and services? This is known as targeting, hitting the bull’s eye.

At Vertoz, we do the exact same thing, delivering highly relevant ads to an interested audience. By targeting right kind of audiences based on their current online activity, we can escalate the significance of your messages, campaign effectiveness, and can improve your ROI. The concept of targeting yields one of the most influential and real forms of online advertising available today. Targeting acts as an integral part in the ad network industry. Targeting can lift the efficiency and productivity of your display advertising campaign by putting your product in front of appropriate audiences.

Similarly, retargeting is another form of remarketing. It can initiate alterations for performance advertising campaigns by helping targeted ads and offers impressions based on their earlier actions. Retargeting can similarly be used to target customers who have not been exposed earlier to an ad or an offer on a particular network.

There is a close nexus between targeting and retargeting of ads in the ad network industry. It is actually placing the right ads in front of the right people with a pinch of cost-effectiveness. Instead of delivering ads to everyone, you’re actually retaining money and displaying ads to the people for whom it is sound and sensible. By using exclusive data sources as a bargaining chip, we provide targeting and retargeting solutions that enable your brand to reach valuable audience genre. Irrelevance to your marketing objectives, our display ad targeting can help you find the accurate audience at the right time.