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Click fraud: The digital ghost maybe behind you!


Have you ever come across such messages like ‘an email from your CEO with instructions for an urgent wire transaction from your company’s account?’ Or some jackpot messages? What will be your next step? In today’s generation, a particular customer fears credit or debit card data theft or identity theft more than terrorism. While writing this article I came across many fraudulent sources and threats in the ad network industry and I would like to share it.

‘Click fraud’ a new terminology coined out in the industry of ad networks and is a rising trend. It is a type of fraud which is related to the pay-per-click concept and that source imitates human impression while visiting a website. Click fraud is the topic of major arguments, plus it is a growing proceeding and advertising networks are a crucial recipient of the fraud.

Another term is related to ‘sophisticated fraud’ popularly known as phantom bots. They explore around the web to visit websites, view ads and they click using a chic algorithm. It is like a digital ghost that is always enhancing numbers. Ads targeted to a particular genre can result in a higher CPM than untargeted ads. It is true, but it can be equally harmful for your website.

The cyber criminals are constantly blocking defenses at top establishments and public organizations, as well as in the smaller firms. It is clear that today’s cyber security solutions are no longer enough… is that so? Is your phone the next big target for hackers? Cybersecurity depends on you. Make yourself safe and don’t become the next data breach victim.

Since the level of fraud is expanding, to fight this uprising cyber-crimes and to make you stress-free, Vertoz has joined hands with Forensiq. At Vertoz, we observe and process billions of impressions and millions of clicks each month to detect and block all those fraudulent traffic sources. With the help of Forensiq, we can detect if ads are seen by real humans or some unfathomable mean. We can now determine for how long those ads are exposed. It’s not a simple view process, but we can tell you when an ad has been intentionally hidden or placed outside a website’s constraints. At Vertoz, we will help you to optimize the level of ad viewability. We as a company are pleased to offer the additional cover of trust to our customer before fetching the attention in the industry.