Sr.Software Engineer – Big Data

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Job Description

  • Manage flow and storage of huge amount of data.Create highly scalable and reliable systems for handling BigData.
  • Create highly performant system catering to heavy web traffic.
  • Create and manage awesome products that are the best in the industry.

Required Skills

  • Solid java programmer with production level hands on experience in BigData technologies.
  • Experience in java, hibernate and spring MVC framework is a plus.
  • Experience with MySQL and, Cassandra or other NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in writing multithreaded web applications.
  • Experience with Memcache/Redis/Hazelcast is a big plus.
  • Experience in Agile/SCRUM is a plus.
  • Experience in Ad Server, RTB Exchanges, DSP, SSP Domain is big plus.
  • Ability to manage multiple modules simultaneously.
  • Ability to work under pressure & deal with people diplomatically.
  • Should have experience of leading a team & a strong motivator.
  • Strong academic record is a big plus.

Examples of past projects that we would look for

  • Ingested large amount of raw data (web logs, web pages, data feeds, …)
  • Run Hadoop map reduce jobs to parse them and process them. (simple reporting, machine learning, …)
  • loaded the outcome to NoSQL database (Kafka) and served them to other applications (live website traffic, other internal tools, … )
  • Processed real time data using Spark, Storm etc.

Technologies that would get you shortlisted

  • Programming language — Java (must), Python, Scala, Shell scripting.
  • Batch processing — Hadoop, Kafka, Apache Spark.
  • Stream processing — Apache Storm, AKKA, Samza, Spark streaming.
  • NoSQL — HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, …
  • Restful web services — Spring boot, DropWizard, Jersey, Jackson, GSON.

Sr.Software Engineer – Big Data

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