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Importance of mobile advertising in 2016

Importance of mobile advertising in 2016

The phase of mobile advertising is not only thriving and booming but it is becoming a crucial element to a rising amount of successful digital media plans. Mobile phones are becoming more affordable nowadays... read more
Detecting Click Fraud in Your Ad Network

Detecting Click Fraud in Your Ad Network

Are you an advertiser? Do you have your own cost per click campaign? Is there something wrong with your paid search costs? Does your performance data comprise of inexplicable variances? If all these issues... read more

Beneficiary secrets about Programmatic!

In the era of ‘commoditization’, even programmatic comprised of economic value and it is distinguishable in terms of uniqueness and brand name. It’s all about the positives that the booming... read more

You need brain and hard work! Not Gender!

If you picture out or imagine a computer programmer as a young man, there is a strong reason behind it, i.e. it is true. Lately, many tech tycoons publicized about how few of their women programmers worked in... read more

Paradigm of mobile media advertising!

The mobile media advertising is an unobtrusive two-way communication which got a viral response from the media industry, cellphone makers, advertisers, and operators. Ultimately, mobile media advertising... read more

Emerging Ad networks trends of 2016!

The new dawn of digital marketing and the rise of social media use have changed the landscape of the ad network industry. Unforgettable and consistent branding, creative content creation and knowing and being... read more

Eventful year at Vertoz! – Vertoz

It’s time to reconsider how the events are explained, understood and approached in conversation. The glamorizing of the event planner, an importance of the strategic thinking and event professionals are... read more

How to create a great lead capture page?

If you want to epitomize your marketing strategies then a great landing page can be a useful tool. Landing pages reduce the complexity of core concepts and makes it easier for your target audience to adapt.... read more

Vertoz is off to AdTech New York 2014!

After the phenomenal success of hosting Confluence 2014, India’s first search – XML ad network conference, Vertoz, the ingenious ad network is proud to announce our attendance in the ad:tech... read more

Vertoz announces its official launch!

Vertoz – An Ingenious Global Online Advertising Network announces its official launch to create remarkably strong relationships with the Advertisers, Publishers & Partners. Vertoz offers Innovative... read more

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