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Beneficiary secrets about ‘programmatic’ buying

Soon, all brands will be assured in their ability to use programmatic buying to engage and move their audiences when it matters the most.

Programmatic advertising has proven to be a great tool for the online advertising industry and has been consistently growing since its inception. Programmatic buying helps advertisers to set budgets and target impressions based on factors such as interest, location and age group to find the right target audience. It offers a transparent pricing model to the advertisers. Through automated media planning, it provides enormous benefits to brand advertisers. There is a huge advantage for the buyers to select right impressions using a third party data to target the right audience.

About Deccan Chronicle:
It is owned and managed by Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. DCHL’s flagship print brand Deccan Chronicle is published from Hyderabad. The Deccan Chronicle has a loyal reader base that appreciates them for their daily news on current affairs, politics and business. They also focus on society, art, culture, films, etc.
Their dedicated team of journalists evolves with the readers’ needs, considering their desire for information, delivering them with the tools that can keep them ahead in their professional and personal lives.

About Vertoz:
Vertoz offers an ingenious platform that enables advertisers to get in front of their desired audiences, engage with them and create a brand recognition by tapping into our large network of quality publishers. Our industry leading targeting and optimization options boosts your ad campaigns and drive leads. We help you to enhance your retargeting rates for the audience who had already engaged with you.
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