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Ashish Shah discussing with Business Standard programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising is redefining the way advertising is done in India. It is an innovative and tech-savvy approach towards advertising and is the future of advertising in India. Here is Vertoz’s Founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, in a candid interview with Business Standard, explaining the nitty-gritty of programmatic advertising.

Ashish is of the opinion that programmatic proves to be indeed very useful for brand building. Programmatic allows the marketers to advertise their product only to specific selected audiences. It also helps them to measure their brand awareness, brand recall, and track lead generations. Depending
upon the goal of the advertisers, there are different sets of KPIs. One can employ multi-targeting to advertise on mobile, desktop and other devices.

He further explains how brands can differentiate between the wide range of programmatic offerings available in the market today. It depends on which service the brands are looking for. For instance, Vertoz provides omnichannel solutions across display and native platforms. Vertoz provides both demand side as well as supply side platforms.

When asked about Vertoz’s major clientele, Ashish said that Vertoz’s major clients are from the US, as it is headquartered in New York, USA. Apart from this, there are Indian clients like The Leela Hotels. Vertoz guided them and helped them accomplish their campaign objectives.

Brand Safety is one concern among advertisers. It is crucial as it impacts the brand’s image online. If a brand’s advertisement appears beside an objectionable content like porn or infringing content, it may damage the brand’s image. In order to prevent this, Vertoz works with brand safety partners, which ensure that the ads are served at the right location. This is done through machine learning and not by a physical person. Bad ads or bad content is striked-out and the concerned publisher is informed about the same. But this can be manipulated. Programmatic is transparent, but only post-delivery.

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