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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Digital Marketers?

The era of artificial intelligence is here to stay. There are various simple versions and usage of artificial intelligence in the digital world is increasing, i.e. harnessing the potential of it in digital marketing. There are loads of benefits of artificial intelligence for business marketing also. Artificial intelligence precisely comprises of machine learning, which is an integral part of many industries, including marketing today.

If one has to sit and explain what artificial intelligence actually is, it would be a branch of computer science that aims to produce intelligent machines acting and reacting like humans. AI actually incorporates learning, problem solving, planning and speech recognition. AI technology began to enter in ad campaigns a decade ago. There is a gamut of opportunities the expertise presents, and its analytical potential, are extensive.

Inevitable artificial intelligence

As it is evident that these assists have been making our lives easier and hence, it practical to say that artificial intelligence for digital marketing is a boon. With an array of services like robots to cars that are self-driving, AI has been deemed as the fourth industrial revolution with the ripples it has been creating across the tech hungry world.

Artificial intelligence boosts up data and targeting when used under the tab of advertising. The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence is that if used in ad campaigns, it will only tap on users who are relevant leaving aside the wasted impressions of irrelevant users. Campaigns which use artificial intelligence are ahead compared to those campaigns which only used standard targeting.

Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing is quick when it comes to optimization of campaigns. Whereas, the traditional method of campaign optimization involves the ad operations team for manual modifications, however, under artificial intelligence campaigns are optimized in real time. Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing improves the online experience and mean for the users. The users are more likely to get engaged with advertising as they are only see one or two ads per browsing session. Hence, it improves ROI for advertisers and so the loop continues.

How Real Time Bidding (RTB) uses Artificial Intelligence for programmatic bidding

If advertisers want real-time bidding, publishers should definitely think about real-time selling. In future, we will see more publishers showing an inclination towards the RTB enabled platform, as they will realize its potential to connect with all the great brand of advertisers and they will seek for the opportunity to improve eCPMs for their valuable audiences. The main aim is to maintain the consistency level in the auctions function, this is done to maintain long-term relationships with buyers and publishers.

An actual competitive bidding environment is crucial for certifying constant and continuous revenue growth. Team Vertoz has seen substantial eCPM improvements for its publishers that are participating in the RTB campaigns.

Real time bidding, i.e. RTB is still in its initial stages, and the number of RTB advertisers is comparatively small, so without adequate advertisers competing to reach the same user, a lucky advertiser could get the ad space for below market value. An RTB enabled platform keeps the ad prices high for the publisher by fetching the greatest number of demand sources for each impression, and as an outcome, real-time bidders often have to escalate their bids if they want to win the impressions they want. An RTB-enabled ad exchange exposes publisher’s inventory to a larger pool of online advertisers, thus, escalating the competition and pushing up CPMs. Hence, publishers stand to benefit considerably from this trend.

It could be more than a few years or longer before there are enough ad-networks to ensure high pricing for the publisher using RTB and programmatic advertising. However, Vertoz is connected to the greatest number of  demand partners of any sell side platform. If you want to register for RTB enabled platform, Click here