Vertoz is not just any other agency, it is an extension to your own team. Our team of experts will understand your client’s requirements and make a tailor-made media plan suiting your client’s advertising goals. Leverage our programmatic platform to promote your client or integrate our platform using our easy to integrate API. Fulfill your performance demands with Vertoz’s performance and social advertising tools.

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Bring In-house Programmatic

Collaborate with our self-serve programmatic platform to show your ads on our premium publisher network. Utilize our supply for your campaigns. Vertoz’s RTB enabled ingenious plex will connect you to our global pool of premium publishers and SSPs. Target and re-target your audience at right time and right place. Its targeting, optimization and reporting tools are powerful but still easy to use.

Easy API Integration: Use our API to create your very own trading desk. It’s easy to integrate and specially developed for agencies.

Agency Offerings

Performance Advertising

Vertoz’s performance advertising allows you to achieve your advertising and performance goals. Increase your ROI on your advertising spends by only paying for successful results.Multiple advertising goals, and only pay for the results. Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Visit (CPV), Cost Per Mail Sent (CPMS), Cost Per Registration (CPR), COST PER SALES (CPS), Cost Per Install (CPI), Cost Per Video View (CPVV), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Action (CPA), Incent Channels, Vas Offers- Variety of pricing models and channels to suit your advertising needs.

Unique Offerings

Targeting and Re-targeting

Target the right audience and reconnect with them anywhere. Hence, leverage our superior technology and unique custom models for your campaigns. Reach out to viewers universally with our multi-screen solutions. We ensure your advertising presence is present on all devices and platforms. Target & re-target your audience by geo, device, keywords, categories, sites, ISP, wifi, ad position, etc

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Innovative ad formats

Engage with your targeted customers across all devices, on websites, mobile sites and mobile apps, flawlessly and hassle free with our high impact engagement ads. Vertoz’s engaging and innovative ad formats help advertisers to send customized brand message to the targeted audience using our programmatic plex.

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Header Bidding

Header bidding is a programmatic technique in which publisher places the header bidding wrapper in the website’s header section. Header bidding is speedier if compared with the traditional waterfall model and it helps publisher to get better eCPM, reduces impression loss and ultimately yields highest fill rates.

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Media Planning

Our team of expert media planner will help you to create a unique media plan which will accurately forecast the results and help achieving your customer’s advertising goals precisely. Our accurate media planning tools are updated with current market trends and will aid precise media buying.

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We Are An Extension of Your Team

Vertoz is not just any other agency, Vertoz is your extended team. Save on the capital investment and just outsource your campaigns at nominal cost. Vertoz’s proficient growth hackers will optimize the campaigns to achieve best ROI on your advertising spend.

No need bear Capital Investment Cost, just outsource the operations to us.

Advertiser Offerings

Performance Advertising

Variety of pricing models to suit your advertising goals. Cost per click(CPC), cost per visit(CPV), cost per session, cost per action(CPA), cost per lead(CPL), Cost per sales (CPS), Cost per install(CPI), Cost per video view(CPVV), etc.

Innovative ad formats

Innovatively designed high impact ad formats that engage your audience for better brand recall. Reach your customers in distinct

Campaign Management

Get our certified expert advantage for managing the advertising campaigns on different biddable media platforms like Google Adwords(PPC), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkein, etc.

Native ads

Native ads are in-feed, non-disruptive ads which match to the website’s flow, content and theme. Readers engage 3X more with Native ads compare to traditional banners.

App Install Campaigns

Promote the brand, get more app installs for iOS, Android & APK, through our premium affiliate network.

Mobile Advertising

More than 60% audience is surfing internet on mobile. Reach them with Vertoz’s unique mobile advertising suite.

Video Ads

Don’t just depend on YouTube and Facebook for Video Ads. Our Video network will help you to promote your brand to every possible customer by using VAST & VPAID.


Campaign Audit

Our 10+ years of expertise and a team of growth hackers will audit your all biddable campaigns so that you can yield best results for your client.

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