Self-Serve DSP

Our ingenious plex, self-serve DSP, gives your business an uplift in terms of extended audience reach, optimized campaign delivery, cross platform optimization and the best conversion rates to match your advertising and marketing goals. Connect to our premium publishers and DSPs to serve your ad to the right audience at the right time and the right place.

Target the right audience and reconnect with them anywhere through our superior technology and unique custom models for your campaigns. Reach out to viewers universally with our holistic solutions. We ensure your advertising presence on all devices and platforms.



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Target the right audience and reconnect with them anywhere. Our Ingenious Plex, is Vertoz’s proprietary technology and its advanced capabilities empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers under one roof.

Micro Targeting Options


Display Ads

From banner ads to rich media ads, Vertoz provides you with various options. Create and promote display ad campaigns on multi-screen devices.

Mobile Ads

Our ads are fully compatible with all your mobile devices, giving your audience a full and on-the-go reach to your ads. Leverage this opportunity and make every impression count. We make sure that only relevant ads are being displayed to the mobile users.

Native Ads

Show your customers in-feed and non-intrusive ads native ads, which blend seamlessly with the website’s flow content and theme.

Video Ads

Deliver high quality ads for better user experience. Vertoz’s video ads make sure that your brand gets full recognition and reaches the right audience.

Reach your Audience, Everywhere on Any Device


Website / Mobile Web


Apps ios / Android


Video Ads


Native Ads


Engement Ads

Programmatic Advantage for Advertiser


Self-Serve / Managed Platform

Our self-serve platform helps you to control your campaigns as well as our experts can help you to achieve best advertising goals programmatically.


Targeting and Re-targeting

Target and re-target your audience by Geo, deco, keywords, categories, sites, ISP, internet speed, ad position, etc.


Fraud Prevention

Our proprietary technology & fraud detection partners ensure total security of your campaigns and ad spends.


Pricing Models

CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA, CPL, CPI, Etc. variety of pricing models to suit your advertising goals.


RTB enabled

Our RTB enabled platform helps advertisers to bid in real-time to reach targeted audience.


Performance Control

Our Performance control and enhancement tools enable you to optimize your ad campaigns and align them with your advertising goals.


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Self Serve DSP

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