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Ad spends on the rise – what it means for digital advertising


The Indian market is full of opportunities for the advertising sector. It promises an all round growth for the emerging as well as the traditional media platforms. Television advertising is expected to grow at 13%, while print media at 4 per cent, owing to the 2019 General Elections, wherein the political parties are expected to leverage the popularity of the digital ad platforms. Vertoz’s CEO, Ashish Shah, shares his views on the growth potentials of the Indian ad markets, in a detailed article to Adgully.

In Ashish’s opinion, digital advertising, with its huge growth prospects, will be a major player to watch out for. Ad spends are showing a steady shift towards digital media due to factors like 4G LTE and cheap data connectivity. However, the key is to mitigate ad fraud and assure brand safety.

As per the report ‘This Year Next Year’ (TYNY), released by GroupM, ad spends in India are expected to reach Rs 9,346 crore in 2018, showing a 13% growth. Government’s key financial reforms like bank recapitalization, budget provisioning for NPAs, and the legal approval of the Bankruptcy Bill will revive private investment and consumer demand. This will invigorate the markets in general and pass on the benefits to the ad-tech sector as well.

With a growth rate of 30%, digital is set to reach Rs 12,337 crore. A major contributor is video advertising, which is estimated to grow at 54%. Ashish says, this will help to increase the online traffic. Factors such as affordable mobile devices, improved bandwidth and penetration of cheap data and government initiatives like increasing Wi-Fi connectivity in public places, further support these predictions.

Further, a rise in demand for digital content is expected in 2018, as rural volumes pick up. As another 50 million Indians get online, untapped rural markets can be explored, generating more traffic. Advertisers will get more audience and publishers will get more visitors, creating a win-win situation for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. Thus, brands will increase their marketing budgets.

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