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programmatic advertising

Vertoz Appoints Sanjay Dubey As Senior Sales Director

Vertoz is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sanjay Dubey as its Senior Sales Director – India Vertoz. Vertoz has global presence and clients spread across the world, believes Mr. Dubey’s over 20 years of rich and detailed experience inKnow More

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic Advertising Strategies

In this interview, Ashish Shah talks about the company’s strategic vision and growth in providing state-of-the-art services. He speaks about how he is working to keeping the company stable and setting it on the path to profitability and success. ForKnow More

programmatic advertising

How It All Started – Vertoz

During this interaction with a leading daily of India, Loksatta, our CEO, Ashish Shah shared thoughts on how it all started for Trunkoz Group and also the birth of it’s online advertising business – Vertoz. In this interview he givesKnow More

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising: An unmissable opportunity

The ad buying system has become more competent and cost effective ever since programmatic advertising took over the digital market. In this article, our CEO, Ashish Shah explains, how programmatic advertising is helping to resolve a lot of hitches forKnow More

programmatic ad buying

Programmatic Ad Buying Optimizes Media Spend

Programmatic advertising is all about audience discovery and accurate targeting. All the brands now want to do very specific and apt targeting. They want to select publishing platforms that can fetch in the targeted audiences they seek.  In this articleKnow More

Programmatic buying

Programmatic Advertising Replaces Traditional Media Buying and Selling

During this interaction our CEO, Ashish Shah gave insights about his brainchild and also explained why Vertoz should be on the priority list of publishers and advertisers. What is so special about our offering? We offer programmatic advertising solutions whichKnow More

Programmatic Buying

Programmatic is leading the digital market with native and in-app advertising

New research by WARC has found out that the Indian ad market is forecast to expand by 13.0% this year and a further 12.4% in 2017. Programmatic advertising is serving the industry to double in size and helped to connectKnow More

the need is to change & grow

The Need Is To Change & Grow – Impact

The facet of online advertising is ever changing! Nowadays, before we start, we search everything online which contradicts the era and scenario in the 90s. This article covers the concept of a start-up which cropped up a while back andKnow More


How Entrepreneurs Can Opt for Innovative Advertising and Monetization Solutions to Earn ROI

Our CEO, Ashish Shah is sharing thoughts on how entrepreneurs can choose innovative advertising and monetization solutions over traditional methods. With the recent technology evolution, the trend of traditional offline advertising has changed. Slowly all the businesses across the countryKnow More


Ad-blockers causing extensive losses to online marketers: Ashish Shah

In an open interview with Adgully our CEO, Ashish Shah stated, “Ad-blockers causing extensive losses to online marketers”. India is evolving into a unique programmatic world. Programmatic buying has been gaining motion in India as an efficient way to buyKnow More


Beneficiary secrets about ‘programmatic’ buying

Soon, all brands will be assured in their ability to use programmatic buying to engage and move their audiences when it matters the most. Programmatic advertising has proven to be a great tool for the online advertising industry and hasKnow More


Programmatic Changing the Face of Online Advertising

In a candid interview with CXOtoday.com our CEO, Ashish Shah stated, “Programmatic advertising in India is still fresh. If you are new, observe the transforming key trends of this industry.” Globally, programmatic advertising has been remarkable in the online advertisingKnow More


Digital ad spends in India is rising year on year – Vertoz

Business standard interview with Vertoz’s CEO and Founder. This article talks about company’s past and the upcoming strategic developments and expansions. Digital ad spends in India is rising year on year at a rapid rate, hence, creating more and moreKnow More


Ashish Shah, Founder and CEO, speaks to IIFL

In his first ever in-depth interview, Ashish Shah, CEO of Vertoz speaks exclusively to Yash Ved of IIFL on maintaining the brand’s momentum in this programmatic era. This interview is solely concentrating about who we are and what we do.Know More


The Term ‘Programmatic’ in Online Advertising

Our CEO, Ashish Shah imparts knowledge about programmatic and how it works which will definitely help us solve misconceptions related to the programmatic world. With over 462 million people using the internet today, India has become a massive market forKnow More