Real-Time Bidding

Precision targeting is a key factor which is achieved through our RTB enabled technology where our direct advertisers and advertisers from top notch exchanges compete for every impression on your site. This results in increased auction pressure and returns very competitive results. Thus, maximizing a sites revenue through targeted advertising inventory. Maximize your revenue with our algorithmic and manual calibration options that offer constant optimization capabilities based on user behavior, traffic patterns and user intent. We analyze and select the most relevant ad campaigns to run on your ad zones.


Take control of your entire account. Our self-serve platform is aimed to cater to publishers from all verticals. Create and pull ad tags of varied IAB sizes, analyze real-time reports, set and manage advertising campaigns and much more. We provide you with an online publisher control panel that lets you monitor your ad impressions on a near real-time basis. The reporting interface allows you to view earnings with drill-downs by sites, ad tags, and date range. Our self-serve platform is designed to give you total control over your ad campaigns and provide you with real-time statistics.

Premium Demand Sources

Truly global demand for your traffic is at your fingertips. We enlist some of the best and biggest demand partners present in the online advertising market. We have a seat on all the major ad exchanges and manage strong nexus with hundreds of appropriate companies around the world.

Innovative Ad Formats

Deciding between two different ad servers? Wondering what will be your next step? How many ad placements will work out? What ad sizes work best with your design? We like to take a counseling approach with our partners and are here to help you in every way, shape and form. Our multi-platform creative ad formats provide brands with a variety of creative options to engage with consumers.

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Highest Fill Rate

Get premium ads with higher fill rates. We at Vertoz, ensure higher fill rate with higher eCPM for each and every inventory on your site. Our optimization engine confirms that only the premium ads are displayed for every ad request.

Header Bidding

Vertoz offers you access to a transparent and open platform where every impression sold to direct, RTB and network demand sources. Don’t let complexity limit the real value of your inventory. Let Vertoz compete for your inventory with pre bid auction to maximize your yield.