Intelligent data driven plex

Our ingenious plex accelerates large digital media trails with proprietary customer data and RTB enabled technology to deliver better-performing ad campaigns. Our dashboard helps you spot trends quickly and take necessary actions.

We partner with the industry’s leading fraud detection companies to help you increase operational effectiveness and efficiency while reducing losses and reputational damage.

We have captivating formula for better ad planning, accurate targeting and better revenue output for all of our PUBLISHERS and ADVERTISERS.
Self-Serve and Easy to Use
We offer easy to use interface to maximize earnings. With a self-serve platform, you are in control of your advertising. You can design a campaign that suits your budget and targets the right audience.
Discover and Access Quality Audience
Our workflow management tools enable media buyers to analyze programmatic opportunities by connecting directly to several publishers with relevant audience segments.
Cross device support
Our technology can help onboard inventory across multiple form factors and platforms, making it available to the advertisers.
Programmatic and eCPM maximization
Our technology is RTB-enabled. Vertoz exposes your inventory to a large pool of online advertisers, thereby increasing competition and helping you increase yields.
Programmatic media buying
Get programmatic access to our platform. Onboard all your inventory and create your own dashboards with the help of our easy to use RESTful API & JSON.
Fraud Prevention
We monitor and process billions of impressions and millions of clicks each month to identify and block fraudulent traffic sources like botnets, spiders, crawlers, known offenders, volume and spike anomalies, and much more.
Real time Dashboards and Reporting
We provide fast and spontaneous real-time reports, which can be easily sliced and diced to study various facets of performance and other stats. Our dashboard helps you spot trends quickly and take necessary action.