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Why Should You Promote Your Brand using Display Advertisement?


Marketing is the essence of every single business. In this digital age, growing sales, as well as revenues, are equivalent to being successful by the usage of existing marketingRead more

DMEXCO 2016: A Global Exposition of Programmatic Advertising!

Programmatic Advertising

DMEXCO 2016, turned out to be an incredible event for Vertoz! Following our visit to DMEXCO, the largest digital marketing conference in Europe, we would like to shareRead more

Which Ad Network is best for you?


An ad network creates a nexus between the advertisers and the websites that want to host their ads. However, with ad networks flourishing across the globe in plenty, itRead more

Handy alternative to traditional ad buying: Programmatic Buying


As online advertising technology seeks development, new approaches are continuously being tested to create abilities around the buying of ad space. Lately, media buyers are moving towards the programmaticRead more

How Innovative ad formats can help marketers for better engagement?

How Innovative ad formats can help marketers for more engagement-935x345

An ad format is intended to promote advertiser’s product or services using publisher’s website as a platform. Traditional ad formatRead more

Influencer Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing


What inspires an influencer to post? It is all about passion and payment. However, payment can boost that passion and often result in a killer influential post for brands.Read more

Do You Really Need to Care for Bot Traffic?


The first thing we need to understand is what a Bot or Spider is, right? Do you really need to care for bot traffic? Why? In this blog basically,Read more

Ad Blockers: Nightmare for Publishers

Ad-Blockers935x345 Online customers loathing online popping ads and ready deploy ad blockers at a vigorous rate. The situation of ad blocking is rapidly escalating and it is a large and toughRead more

7 things you should know about self serve advertising

Self serve advertising It doesn’t matter how big is your company size or how huge is your marketing business, probabilities are there that you’ve already experienced a pinch of agony whileRead more

10 things you should consider before monetizing your content

Content monetization Having a successful blog isn’t quite that easy, you need to be subtle, behind-the-scenes tweaks and additions that can actually make a world of difference when it comes toRead more

Latest Trends in Display Advertising

display advertising We can define display advertising as a form of advertising that delivers a commercial message visually using as images, text, flash, logos, animations, audio, videos, photographs, or other graphics.Read more

How Beneficial Is Affiliate Marketing For Your Business?

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of internet advertising that allows online business to affiliate themselves with website owners, i.e. publishers using various affiliate programs. It is the oldest formRead more

Aligning Bidding Strategy With Your Advertising Campaigns

Different types of bidding strategies

Are you confused regarding which bid strategy to use? How can you optimize your ad campaigns? Before you strategize your advertising campaign, you need toRead more

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Digital Marketers?

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Digital Marketers

The era of artificial intelligence is here to stay. There are various simple versions and usage of artificial intelligence in the digital world isRead more

How Online Mediums Are Helping To Build Brand Awareness?

Online advertising for brand awareness

In today’s free market economy, brands are competing with each other to dominate the market. It is done either by playing around withRead more

Is real time bidding a golden opportunity for marketers?

Real Time Bidding

Real time bidding is technology introduced in the year 2009 to make it easier for the ad networks to buy only the inventory they are interestedRead more

Importance of mobile advertising in 2016

Importance of mobile advertising

The phase of mobile advertising is not only thriving and booming but it is becoming a crucial element to a rising amount of successful digitalRead more

Detecting Click Fraud in Your Ad Network

How to detect Click fraud

Are you an advertiser? Do you have your own cost per click campaign? Is there something wrong with your paid search costs? Does yourRead more

Beneficiary secrets about Programmatic!


In the era of ‘commoditization’, even programmatic comprised of economic value and it is distinguishable in terms of uniqueness and brand name. It’s all about the positives that the booming programmaticRead more

Thank you for visiting us at Adtech New Delhi 2016!


With some great conversations and interesting rounds of the exhibition, we truly had an awesome ad:tech New Delhi 2016, held at Leela Ambience Hotel & Residences, Gurgaon on 3rd & 4thRead more